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MAY 2014

Pro bono initiative

The iProBono initiative that seeks to connect civil society organisations with lawyers to advise them pro bono has decided to set up a network of lawyers interested in fighting the so-called “strategic lawsuits against public participation” for activists and publishers, reports legallyindia.com

The website quoted Shireen Irani, executive director of iProbono, as saying: “There is a need to build a community of professionals, journalists and civil society organisations that can respond to SLAPP actions. The ‘defending public participation’ network will enable people to share experiences, insights and obtain timely assistance in combating attempts to stifle free speech and undermine the rule of law. Over the long term, the legal community needs to push for judicial reform to enforce meaningful penalties against those that seek to abuse the court system by filing frivolous law suits.”

This article is taken from The Statesman