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AUG 2012

Executive Director, Shireen Irani meets Mary Kom

How many Olympic medallists have the potential to truly unite their country? The legendary Mary Kom has returned to India a hero, a shining light of the North-East and a leader in its future development. Before heading off to the Olympics closing ceremony to carry the Indian flag, Mary met with Shireen Irani of iProbono to speak about her Foundation.

With the same determination she brings to her sport, Mary is passionate about giving back to her community in Manipur. She personally funds young people at her non-profit Boxing Academy, inspiring them with her story and training them to become future world-class athletes. But for Mary, it's about more than boxing: "When young people come to sport, they stay away from gangs, from drugs - they get a chance to play and we help build their confidence."

iProbono looks forward to working with Mary to expand the Foundation, creating a lasting legacy for Manipur. If you want to get involved or know people who can assist in the region, do get in touch at admin@i-probono.com