How does iProbono work?

February 2017 |

The first step is to create your profile. The profile will contain your areas of expertise, professional interest, causes and issues that appeal to you, specific professional skills that may be applicable to projects, and languages in which you have a working proficiency.

When you login to iProbono, you will arrive at the Projects page, which will list projects available to you based primarily on whether the projects are offered to professionals such as academics, lawyers and others; whether you have the appropriate language skills for the project; and if the project is based in the same city or town where you are located. In the case of remoteĀ projects, they will show up as long as they are based in the same country where you are located.

Once you find a project that you are interested in, you can register on the project page by clicking Connect. This will enable us to start the process as soon as possible. If the connection is successful, iProbono will get in touch with you and the organisation to initiate the project.
In the case of a ‘Community Action’ project, which runs outside of the iProbono website, clicking on ‘Connect’ will take you to the specific website where the community action will take place.

Your privacy
We will never share your email address or contact information with organisations without your express permission.

For more information, see ourĀ privacy policy.

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