• Why iProbono?

    With iProbono, you can connect directly with projects around the world, provide assistance to NGOs, charities, social enterprises, and other organisations.

    iProbono enables you to:

    • Use your knowledge and resources to work for the public good.
    • Work with exciting clients tackling a diverse range of issues.
    • Enhance your career development by engaging with like-minded professionals and making new contacts.
    • Find a range of projects that fit your time restrictions and that enable you to work remotely.
  • How does iProbono work?

    The first step is to create your profile. The profile will contain your areas of expertise, professional interest, causes and issues that appeal to you, specific professional skills that may be applicable to projects, and languages in which you have a working proficiency.

    When you login to iProbono, you will arrive at the Projects page, which will list projects available to you based primarily on whether the projects are offered to professionals such as academics, lawyers and others; whether you have the appropriate language skills for the project; and if the project is based in the same city or town where you are located. In the case of remote projects, they will show up as long as they are based in the same country where you are located.

    Once you find a project that you are interested in, you can register on the project page by clicking Connect. This will enable us to start the process as soon as possible. If the connection is successful, iProbono will get in touch with you and the organisation to initiate the project.
    In the case of a 'Community Action' project, which runs outside of the iProbono website, clicking on 'Connect' will take you to the specific website where the community action will take place.

    Your privacy
    We will never share your email address or contact information with organisations without your express permission.

    For more information, see our privacy policy.

  • Which organisations can access iProbono and how have lawyers been able to assist?

    iProbono connects charities, NGOs, advocacy organisations, social enterprises, not-for-profits and community groups with legal assistance they may need. As a completely free service, we expect this to benefit both professionals like yourself and organisations.

    To get a better idea of what we have helped accomplish, you can also take a look at some of our case studies as well as the testimonials on our home page.

    We are always interested to hear from you about new organisations looking for assistance!

  • What sort of work would I do in a project?

    iProbono is not just about legal advice – there are a wide range of ways in which you can make a real impact.

    • Draft an article for publication;
    • Carry out research on a specific project;
    • Join a campaign for legal reform;
    • Respond to a public enquiry;
    • Or be a legal friend to point them in the right direction.

    If you want to contribute, be assured that there is some way an organisation needs your help. If you haven’t already, sign up to iProbono and find out how!

  • Will I receive feedback?

    All organisations that post projects on iProbono are prompted to give feedback. iProbono aims to provide a sustainable service to organisations and that means making sure they are getting the help they need.

    Similarly, you will also be asked to give feedback on the organisation so that we may improve our service.

  • Why iProbono?

    iProbono enables you to network directly with people around the world who have the ability and the drive to help you with your legal matters.

    iProbono has access to a community of over 50,000 volunteers from the legal community and beyond, meaning you can find assistance quickly and without having to go through multiple sources or fill out time-consuming forms. iProbono has untapped resources for you!

    You can:

    • Access the right pro bono assistance.
    • Find interns and specialist researchers.
    • Engage legal professionals, students and academics in your activities.
  • How does iProbono work?

    The first step is to create the organisation profile. The profile is straightforward, containing the basic details of your organisation. iProbono will never share the name or contact details of the staff registering from the organisation without permission

    After completing your iProbono profile, you and your colleagues can use it as a one-stop portal to post projects. You can specify exactly what sort of volunteer you are looking for and the skills you require.
    When a project is posted, volunteers who meet the relevant criteria will receive an alert from us, and we will ensure you are connected with the appropriate assistance.

    Once a volunteer registers their interest in your project, we will consider all of the volunteers interested and work to establish a suitable connection as soon as possible. After that, we will put you in touch with the relevant volunteer or volunteers, and your project can go ahead!

    Your privacy
    We will never share your email address or contact information with volunteers without your permission.

    For more information, see our privacy policy.

  • Why do people sign up at iProbono to volunteer?
    • People who have signed up see the intrinsic value in giving something back to the wider legal community and to try something different from their day-to-day job.
    • Some people see pro bono as essential to their career development.
    • Our volunteers see the chance to combine professional expertise with an area of personal interest as invaluable.
    • The opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. Volunteering in a pro bono capacity opens up a whole new world of potential business contacts and new colleagues.
  • What has been accomplished through iProbono’s network?

    Take a look at some of our case studies as well as the testimonials on our home page to get a better understanding of what we have helped accomplish!

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